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Heather L Dingwall, Reiko R Tomizawa, Adam Aharoni, Peng Hu, Qi Qiu, Blerina Kokalari, Serenity M Martinez, Joan C Donahue, Daniel Aldea, Meryl Mendoza, Ian A Glass, Birth Defects Research Laboratory, Hao Wu, Yana G Kamberov#:"Sweat gland development requires an eccrine dermal niche and couples two epidermal programs" Dev. Cell, Volume 59, Issue 1, 2024.
*Preview by Meagan C. Branch and Elena Ezhkova "Defining the fate trajectory of eccrine gland formation" Dev. Cell Vol. 59, Issue 1, 2024.


Abigail R. Wark, Daniel Aldea, Reiko R. Tomizawa, Blerina Kokalari, Bailey Warder, Yana G. Kamberov# " Ectodysplasin signaling via Xedar is required for mammary gland morphogenesis" J. Investig. Dermatol., 2023.



Daniel Aldea, Blerina Kokalari, Yuji Atsuta, Heather L. Dingwall, Ying Zheng, Arben Nace, Geroge Cotsarelis, Yana G. Kamberov#: Differential modularity of the mammalian Engrailed 1 enhancer network directs sweat gland development. PLOS Genetics 19(2): e1010614, 2023.



Daniel Aldea, Yuji Atsuta, Blerina Kokalari, Stephen F. Schaffner, Rexxi D. Prasasya, Adam Aharoni, Heather L. Dingwall, Bailey Warder, Yana G. Kamberov#: Repeated mutation of a developmental enhancer contributed to human thermoregulatory evolution. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA Apr 2021, 118 (16) e2021722118.


Aldea, D., Kokalari, B., Luckhart, C., Aharoni, A., Albert, P.A., Kamberov, Y.G.#: The transcription factor Deaf1 modulates Engrailed-1 expression to regulate skin appendage fate.  J. Investig. Dermatol. 139(11):2378-2381, 2019.


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Kamberov, Y. G., Karlsson, E. K., Kamberova, G. L., Lieberman, D. E., Sabeti, P. C., ]Morgan, B. A., Tabin, C. J.: A genetic basis of variation in eccrine sweat gland and hair follicle density. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112(32): 9932-7, 2015.


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